Cabin Decorating Ideas: 22 Inspiring Tips from Million Dollar Cabins

Decorating any home lavishly can be a tricky business, especially when you find yourself bored of your current design perspective. Cabins aren’t always seen as the most luxurious abode, and that adds to the difficulty. However, you can transform your cabin into the essence of rugged sophistication with a few simple tweaks, sure to have your next guests marveling at your décor expertise.

In this article, we’ve assembled 22 tips to help you turn your cabin into a luxurious paradise. These aren’t just average tips; they’re real, actionable suggestions that you can put into place right away.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. Place a rustic wine rack next to your dining table for easy access

open dining room

Photo courtesy of Steve Bennett. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal and a great wine in the presence of friends and family. Instead of taking a lengthy walk down to the wine cellar, why not bring the wine closer? Place a rack on your wall of choice in your dining area for easy access and a touch of sophistication. Proudly display the spoils of your latest trip to wine county. Perhaps a bottle of Tuscan Chianti Classico or Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley?

2. Soak in the splendid scenery with lakeside seating

Pullman Cabin

Photo courtesy of Michael Hicks. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Take yourself to a place far, far away with Pullman cabin décor. Inspire yourself and guests as they pass through into a time of yesteryear. In this train car cabin, luxurious lighting brings the mahogany paneling to life, illuminating the intricate diamond designs. Add crisp linen sheets and wood paneling into a bedroom to add Pullman sleeping car style to your cabin home.

3. Add a chandelier above the kitchen island for a touch of elegance

kitchen chandelier

Photo courtesy of Steve Bennett. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

We don’t always think of kitchens as elegant rooms worthy of appreciation. Why not go against the grain? Hang a wrought iron chandelier from your kitchen ceiling for a unique touch of luxury. The swirling shapes of the fixture offset the rugged wooden beams and stone fireplace of the rustic cabin design. Accentuate the brightness of the space with a dark chandelier and the addition of smaller sconce lighting.

4. Soak in the splendid scenery with lakeside seating

lakefront seating

Photo courtesy of Michael Hicks. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

When you own a lakeside home, relaxing by the lake is an absolute must! Soak in the sounds of nature, the loon quietly cooing, the lake breeze rustling the grass. Unfortunately, not all lawns are suitable for proper lakeside relaxation. Sometimes a wooden palette or makeshift dock must be brought in to support your stained Adirondack chairs. Palettes can be purchased from almost any home supply store like Home Depot or Walmart for a nominal price. Decorate and stabilize the “dock” with mossy rocks and presto, your seaside haven is complete.

5. Incorporate one-of-a-kind pieces into every setting

One of a kind piece

Let tradition and the natural world inspire you. Purchase handmade creations like these tree stump stools from local artisans to add a touch of nature to your cabin. Each original piece is certain to be exclusive, ensuring that your lovely cabin home will have its own individual pieces of art. After all when you’re living in nature, it only makes sense to decorate with it.

6. Introduce a hammock to your porch for increased relaxation

porch hammock

Photo courtesy of PortoBay Hotels and Resorts. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Hanging a hammock is an easy way to add personal style and a new intimate space to your cabin. Simply hang up the hammock by drilling a pilot hole for both locations and screwing in the bolt and hook. If your hammock needs more distance than this gives, add a chain or rope for a longer length. Since hammocks come in an array of different shapes, patterns and sizes there is sure to be one out there that fits your cabin’s style.

7. Mix and match earth prints and hues for a patchwork effect

Patchwork living room

Photo courtesy of Echo Valley Ranch. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Emphasize the elements of the room by using a cohesive color story of earthy hues. This keeps the room well balanced and sensible. Guests will appreciate the symmetry and complement your use of prints and shades of the same color family. Don’t be afraid to mix prints. As long as the prints are in the same range of colors they will work with the room’s overall theme. For example, this room’s mixture of prints works because all the colors are warm natural shades.

8. Give an old poster bed a face lift with draped linens

Poster bed linens

Photo courtesy of Echo Valley Ranch. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Sometimes things that have been used for decades get downright boring. They need a pick-me-up of sorts. To revamp an old four-poster bed, perhaps the one you used as an angsty teenager or found online while browsing Craigslist, simply wrap linens around the wooden or iron posters. The finished effect is a luxurious feel to a previously bland piece.

9. Introduce character to an otherwise bland room with antlers

Antler artwork

Photo courtesy of Nan Palmero. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

The sitting room’s antler chandelier is quite the statement piece, bringing both light and a conversation starter into the living space.  Carefully curated animal artifacts are the hallmark of log cabin décor.  To add this essential rustic décor to your log cabin simply purchase a piece that speaks to you.  A few statement pieces or several simple pieces are all that you need. Screw the antlers into the wall, place them on shelves or hang them from the ceiling to complete your rustic lodge.

10. Spice up the bathroom with a printed rug

Tribal Rug

Photo courtesy of Nan Palmero. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Indian tribal pieces, such as this printed Southwestern rug, go great with rustic log cabin décor. The piece brings heritage, tradition and color into any lodge. Southwestern rugs are easy to get a hold of, at varying price points and levels of authenticity. If genuine Southwestern rugs are important to you, purchase a hand woven Navajo rug online or in-person from a variety of authentic retailers. Otherwise, many e-tailers sell high quality replicas for a fraction of the price.

11. Raid an antique market and place the items all over your cabin

antique chair

Carefully curated antiques are a simple way to add charm to any cabin. The antiques reflect your personal décor style as well as adding tradition to your rustic home. The pieces are often well-made and durable adding luxury to any space.  Estate sales, flea markets and second-hand stores are the perfect places to find antique gems.  Online stores like Etsy, eBay and Craigslist also have a wide selection of antique goods from across the world. If your vintage furnishings have seen better days, have them reupholstered for a face-lift that doesn’t comprise their heritage.

12. Create a custom fireplace for your friends and family to enjoy

Fireplace waterfront

Photo courtesy of Travel Nevada. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Custom designs are an easy way to add a unique and expensive touch to an otherwise traditional fireplace. Many companies will create a custom fireplace for your specific needs, whether it be a larger girth to fit more people or a higher frame for protection. There is also potential for monogramming to add personalization and identity to your fireplace. Made to order fireplaces can be purchased from Etsy or other online stores in a variety of sizes and designs.

13. Illuminate your patio with kerosene lamp lighting

outdoor patio lamp

Photo courtesy of Wicker Paradise. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 SA.

Kerosene lighting, used both indoor and outdoor, can give your cabin an authentically rustic feel. To light up your patio, place the lights on the deck or along the rooftop terrace. Indoors, place the lamps around the house for a rustic frontier look. If the open flame or fire hazard of the lamps is something that frightens you, fear not. Electric and battery powered options are also available at a many of retailers and more common than the classic open flame variety.

14. Create a conversation with a collage of decor

Collage of decor

Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 SA.

When vintage paintings or paddle trophies are added to your cabin, naturally there is going to be some form of conversation sparked. Don’t be afraid to add a flotilla of pieces to decorate your mantel, just as long as they all work together. The mantel pictured has a lot going on, but notice how they work together to create a cohesive rustic look. Browse vintage and antique stores to score unique finds for your collage.

15. Frame your windows with colorful and fragrant flowers

Flower window box

Photo courtesy of James Jordan Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Bring life and warmth to the exterior of your cabin with flower boxes. Since window boxes have the ability of supporting flowers of all varieties and seasons, your windows will never go flowerless again. Window boxes are often low maintenance when certain flowers are used. Simply purchase or create the box of your choice with a few pieces of wood, some nails and a hammer. Viola! You have now have yourself a beautiful window display.

16. Position your office near the deck for a great view

Relaxing office space

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Levine. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Create a peaceful hiatus for your workspace with great views of nature. The views are bound to increase your productivity and your overall happiness as you busily work. No longer will writer’s block be a problem as nature will serve as your inspiration, your muse. When picking which rooms are going to serve what function, make sure you place your office near a deck to insure for a nice view and better work.

17. Get a personalized cabin sign like Zach Roerig of Vampire Diaries!

Zach Roerig

Celebrities enjoy their signs and their luxurious cabins in the woods, so why shouldn’t you? Decorate with personalized signage to let guests know just how much this home means to you.  Add uniqueness to your lakeside cabin, just like Zach Roerig of the hit series Vampire Diaries did. Zach decorated his cabin with a custom cabin sign from Benchmark Signs and gifts. Simply pick which sign fits your cabin’s style and personalize the sign with your last name.

18. Set up a breakfast nook for relaxing, intimate mornings

Relaxing breakfast space

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Altkens. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

Enjoy your cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal while soaking in the sights and sounds of nature. Create this peaceful breakfast nook in the corner of your kitchen by placing a small table and chairs near a large window. Make sure the table is relatively small to ensure intimacy. The nook is a simple addition of coziness to even the smallest of kitchens.

19. Use vintage furniture for a lived-in feel

Vintage furniture

Vintage is all the rage. Why not give your cabin a well-loved look and source some great pieces from your local second-hand store? Furniture from these places is often in excellent condition, and you can haggle on prices. This is a great tip for the nostalgic types among us.

20. Bring nature indoors with stunning wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography adds a stunning accent to cabin décor. It fits perfectly with the rustic theme, and it reminds you why you are where you are: to escape the stress of life and enjoy the great outdoors. A few carefully placed photos of birds and animals round out your cabin perfectly. If you want to be ecologically accurate, consider only using photographs of wild creatures that are found in your geographic area.

21. Use light to create a sense of space in the master bedroom

Natural light in a bedroom

Let natural sunlight call you to a new day. When you leave windows uncovered, especially floor-length windows, you optimize your bedroom for refreshing mornings. To keep the sunlight out when you want to sleep in, install heavy curtains. Whenever you want to sleep in, just close them the night before.

22. Create a beer nook for the men

Beer Nook

After a long day of hiking, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors, a beer really hits the spot. Grab some old furniture—nothing special—and throw it in a cozy corner. Plug in a mini-fridge and stock it with some great microbrews. Think dark in winter (stouts, porters) and light in summer (shandies, lagers, Belgians). IPAs are great all year round.