Velox CNC Routers Are The Best Around We want our signs to be perfect for our customers. The cuts should be clean and smooth. After all, the reason our signs are different is because of the time we take to carefully craft them. We care about each customer, and we want the signs we create… Read More


SuperMax Tools Are Best For Making Custom Wooden Signs There’s no doubt that our custom wooden signs are beautiful. However, to make signs as gorgeous as the ones we produce, you need the right tools. The wrong tools will take  a job well done and make it meaningless. Even the best craftsman’s work will look… Read More

the crafties

Blogging has taken over the internet sphere, and with the millions of blogs out there on the internet, it seems like there’s a blog for every specialty and niche. One of the largest niches of blogs is DIY and crafting. It might seem overwhelming to find the perfect DIY and crafting blog among the millions… Read More